We always strive to surpass our customer's expectations. If you don't see the auto care services you require, please ask.

Complete auto electric
Diagnosis and repair of any electrical system failure or shortage, including battery and charging systems, motors and controls affecting lights, power windows, power seats, sun-roofs and any other electrical componets and systems.
Computerized engine diagnostics and tune-up
Today's vehicles are all entirely computer controlled and monitored by dashboard instrumentation clusters. Reliable diagnosis is entirely computer driven. We have the latest training and computer diagnostics hardware and software to provide quick and complete systems analysis and reasons for failure.
brake services, including abs
Anti-braking systems (ABS) and traction controls are all computer monitored and assisted in today's vehicles, as is electronic steering controls. These systems are all computer driven. We use the latest electronic diagnosis to detect system problems and facilitate accurate repairs.
transmission services/trouble-shooting
Both fluids and computer controlled electronic solenoids are the heart of today's modern transmissions. Our service standards include regular evaluation of transmission functions to spot any deviations before they become a problem thats leaves you stranded.
EMISSION services/trouble-shooting
California's emissions and smog check standards are very high. Many vehicles struggle to pass the required smog check for registration without a prior evaluation to identify any exhaust, tune-up and the emission problems. We make sure you will pass.
steering and axle work
Accurate steering and wheel alignment are critical functions for a smooth handling and safe vehicle, particularly in emergency or hazardous driving conditions. Your rear axle and differential components are often "out of sight, out of mind" systems in your auto. We pay attention for you, keeping these components in finely tuned and serving you without fail.
oil changes
Like the blood in your body, your vehicle's oil and lubrication systems are life sustaining. Without fail, we reset your vehicle's computer to accurately predict when your next servicing is due, keeping your vehicle healthy and reliable. At the same time, and at no charge, we check all your vehicle's systems, filters, tire air pressures and anything else we spot that could be "trouble in the making."
Whether your car is "exotic" or just old, we have the skill to restore it or keep it restored in mint condition--mechanically and electrically. Pete has served auto collectors and the famed San Diego Automotive Museum in Balboa Park.